About Us

Afraid of clutter? We're not, let us cater to you.

Pretty Clean Organizing is a company that helps individuals organize their homes and/or offices with a new and fresh look without all the clutter.  We take value in the work we do and the customer needs are our main focus.  

We Pay Close Attention to Detail

Pretty Clean Organizing services include:

Homes, Offices, Schools, Daycares

  • Living Rooms  
  • Dining Rooms  
  • Kitchens  
  • Bathrooms  
  • Bedrooms  
  • Closets  
  • Basements  
  • Yards  

About the Owner

Pretty Clean Organizing was founded by Ms. Alexis Closson who has been an educator for over 6 years working with children beginning at birth all the way to students in college.  She began organizing and cleaning other peoples spaces as a young child and continued it through college.  It was not until she became a preschool teacher that she seen a need to educate and assist those who need help with organizing.  Ms. Closson has always had the talent for transforming rooms by organizing and helping others to live in a stress free environment.  As an educator she knows just how important it is to be organized for a better way of living.